Know your desire and God will give you according to your heart


Those who live without supervision upon themselves will never dignify themselves with the visit of the grace.

Endeavour to pay attention to yourself, and not to look at the actions, acts and behaviours of others. If you do not notice love in others, it is because you have no love yourself.

The faith is lost because of the suspicion. God’s fear – because of the arrogance, and the spiritual teachings become ineffective because of the empty curiosity.

How to warm up the chilled soul? With the Eternal Word, with the prayer, with the humble and grateful sighs toward God in all occasions, not only when the external circumstances change, but also our inner states, too.

Know your desire, and the Almighty will give you according to your heart, because the beginning and the source of the virtues is the good will and the good mood, in other words the desire for doing good in the Lord.

Venerable Paisios Velichkovski

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