Special Religious Education in NSW Government Schools (SRE)


Special Religious Education (SRE) is a voluntary program in State Schools in New South Wales. The details on this page are provided at the request of the New South Wales Department of Education. SRE complements the general education of Macedonian Orthodox children. The lessons include much more than Bible knowledge. SRE classes focus on the Orthodox way of life and identity.


All SRE teachers will apply to the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Diocese of Australia and New Zealand (MOCDANZ) for authorisation upon undertaking the Teacher Authorisation Process as outlined below. The Diocese upon verification will issue a Certificate of Authorisation and SRE Teachers will be mandated to wear an authorisation card as a name tag on school grounds.


SRE Curriculum of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Diocese of Australia and New Zealand is the six-year program intended for students of New South Wales primary public schools. This program is envisioned as a fundamental study of the Eastern Orthodox Christianity and it endeavours to cover the key aspects of our Orthodox faith.


The MOCDANZ recognises the value of audio-visual resources but is also cognisant of the dangers of indiscriminate use of such teaching aids. Accordingly, there is a strict policy on the use of social media and audio-visual materials for special religious education. This policy should be read and interpreted in conjunction with the Department of Code of Conduct and legislation such as the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998


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