Diocese of Australia and New Zealand is one of the 12th dioceses of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric, and one of the three canonical dioceses abroad  of Macedonia formed at the Clergy – Laity Council The jurisdiction of the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand extends over the territories of Australia and New Zealand.

Competent Bishop with the title of Administrator of Australia and New Zealand, is the Metropolitan of Prespa and Pelagonia  Eminence Peter (Karevski). The headquarters of the Diocese are located in Melbourne where there is a Cathedral church, a building of the Metropolitanate and a Metropolitan residence. The Diocese is organised into two Episcopal deaneries:

  1. Episcopal deanery of Victoria, South and Western Australia, and New Zealand;
  2. Episcopal deanery of New South Wales and Queensland.

In the composition of the Diocese, today are active: 3 monasteries, 14 church municipalities – parishes, 12 churches and 7 diocesan spiritual centers. Ministration and pastoral mission are carried out by: 14 priests, one abbot, one abbess and three retired priests.

The Diocese since year 2000 regularly prints the Diocesan magazine:  “Eighth day”. The spiritual life progresses and develops in all parishes-church-municipalities in the Diocese.

Believers actively participate in religious services and liturgies, regularly confess, take Holy Communion and live with the Sacraments of the Church.

A joint work of the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand, Diocese of Prespa – Pelagonia,  the Church St. Petka of Mill Park and other churches is the capital edition: the Translation and the Versification of 16 volumes of Books for Divine service in contemporary Macedonian language.