Rejoice, because you are human!


Even by clenching your teeth, squeezing your fists in pain, rejoice, because you live! Rejoice in the brightness of the sky and the ruby rays of the sunrise. Rejoice in the pearl of the raindrops because it can not be otherwise! Rejoice with the desperate joy of a worn warrior! Let the battle be lost, but the flag is not lowered, and the weapon is not thrown in the mud, and do not run away with shame, because there is nothing to run from! And it remains only to stand in the face of the death. And when nothing remains, rejoice with a great joy for your nearest and dearest. Rejoice in the love of others and loud laughter of the children of others! Even when the iron clouds became heavy, rejoice! In the rain and mud rejoice!

Rejoice and Rejoice, despising the pain, because you are human!

Bishop Longin (Zar)

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