Prayer to a child for his parents


How happy I am dear God, when I turn to You and pray for my parents!  They are constantly caring for me.  They labour and with great love endeavour to save me from misfortune, illness and every evil.  They always have a desire for my wellbeing and want me to be healthy, to become a good and wise person.  Reward them O Lord, with Your blessing, for all their goodness and love for me.  Give them health and success; keep them from misfortune, help them to be happy all their lives.  Do not deprive them of Your help and always watch over them.  Help me to love them, to obey them, to follow their good advice; to not disappoint them and to be their comfort and joy.  This will be for them the most deserving reward for all their worries, anxieties and labours for me, I pray to You with all my heart, give them this reward.  O Lord, hear my sincere prayer, and fill our home with joy, for we are waiting from You every good and we honour You as our Heavenly Father. Amen!

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