For aligning the human will with the will of God


I believe that God arranges my salvation, sending me one thing or another… I see that the following of one’s own will, it brings to man trouble and difficulties. Let the God’s will be mild and perfect! I surrender to it myself, all my life and everything: accepting  God’s will brings peace to my heart.

To surrender oneself to the will of God is possible in those with clean life. They receive a gift of spiritual reasoning, which is the highest of all virtues…
God, “directs the meek unto righteousness and teaches the meek his ways.” These words mean that the Lord himself teaches us the ways of God, not man. Only Lord can teach man his ways, but He does not teach all men, but only the meek, because the one who calms down in his heart, he makes the soul capable of receiving divine teaching…
Everyone will reap what one sows. Human justice should not be sought, you seek only God’s justice. If we all abandon to the will of God, then everything will be fine, even the unpleasant thing, will be accepted as necessary.

Venerable Nikon of Optina

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