Pastoral Care & Assistance for Spiritual Health

Contact Information
85 Victoria street, West Seddon, VIC 3011
Ph: (03) 9687 2176

Coordinator: Very Reverend Tone Gulev
Ph: (03) 9436 0055; Mob: 0413 270 938


The salvation of man and the healing of the human soul accomplished in the Church of God through spiritual guidance and participation in the Holy Mysteries is the primary goal of the mission of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Australia and New Zealand (MOCDANZ).

The clergy of the MOCDANZ, with the pastoral care and the spiritual assistance to those most in need, and especially the hospitalized, cover the whole of Victoria and Australia.

MOCDANZ in 2012, to be more successful in the mission, became a member of the Mission and participated in the activities of the Healthcare Chaplaincy Council of Victoria (HCCVI), and from 2019 continued to be a member of the Spiritual Health Association (SHA). As part of the organization, the Diocesan Department for Spiritual Health Care and Assistance, in accordance with the teaching of the Orthodox Church, has prepared a Program for pastoral care and assistance for spiritual health, and whose implementation is financially supported by the Department of Health of Victoria.

The program, except for visiting and meeting with believers, and anyone in need of assistance, includes printing and publishing written texts, answering booklets, video and audio presentations available on this website.

Our website also offers other spiritual-related texts and resources, Orthodox Faith lessons, tips on how to deal with different situations in life, information on programs run by the diocesan departments and services, and information on how to get in touch with priests and church communities in MOCDANZ.

All priests assisted by volunteers are actively involved in the missionary activity. Anyone who wishes to join is welcome and can contact us.

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