The unknown doctor - a surgeon from Andros


Many miracles are made by the Great Saint and helper of the sufferers, St. Marina. And even today, there are testimonies that confirm her help to people who in prayer, with faith and hope, resort to her.

In the family Vassiliu from Limassol, Cyprus, a misfortune happened. Their son, Andrew, had urgent need of a surgical operation – a bone marrow transplant. After a long time request from year 2000 to 2002, including calls for help on television, a donor was found. The surgery was to be performed in the United States, at the hospital M.D. Anderson in Houston.

The boy’s parents prayed daily to the Lord, the Most Holy Mother of God and to all saints for help, hoping that the operation will be successful and that their child will be cured. Before leaving for America, they learned about the miracles performed by the Saint Marina on the sick people. Someone told them that there was a famous monastery dedicated to the Saint, on the island of Andros. Because they did not have time to visit it, they called the Abbot Archimandrite Cyprian, and asked him to pray on their behalf to the Saint Marina for the health of their son. He assured them that he would pray, the Saint Marina herself to watch over him during the operation.

The family arrived in the United States and the day of the surgery came. Suddenly, a woman entered the operating room saying that she is also a surgeon and asked to attend as an assistant to the operation. The surgeon, based on the regulations of the hospital that no strangers should be allowed to attend an operation, initially refused. But, the unknown doctor insisted and begged to attend the surgery showing great knowledge of the clinical case and surgical practice by which she convinced the doctor of her ability, so he agreed for her to attend it.

During the operation, the unknown doctor greatly helped with her knowledge and experience and the operation ended successfully. The American surgeon informed the boy’s parents about what had happened and expressed an astonishment that they had come to operate their son overseas, despite the fact  that in their homeland there were surgeons, so talented as it was the doctor – a surgeon who they brought with them.

The parents were very surprised and astonished that some doctor came – compatriot to help their son in America. They assumed that once their case became known on a television, a doctor from Cyprus or Greece, decided to come here, without informing them. And they went to the reception desk to see the data that the doctor left behind at the time of her registration.

Their wonder was enormous after reading the name in the book. There was written: “Marina of Andros. Followed by moments filled with joy, admiration, delight and thanksgiving from the heart to the merciful Saint Marina, who has heard the prayers of Abbot Archimandrite Cyprian and came to the aid with personal participation in the operation.

As soon as they returned to Cyprus, Vassiliu family told this miracle publicly in front of all media, and stated that as a sign of gratitude, they will visit the monastery of Saint Marina on the island of Andros every year.

This event became known thanks to the retired doctor Mrs. Spiridulla Kyriakopoulos, as well as the Abbot and the brotherhood of the monastery of St. Marina on the island of Andros.

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