Prayer to Saint Naum the Miracle Worker


You, the follower of the Living God, Naum the Miracle Worker, with love we worship You and we praise You for your many miraculous works, with whom You helped the afflicted and You celebrated the name of our God and Savior. You were given the grace of the Holy Spirit: You expel demons, heal the sick, lift up the weak, the mourners You comfort and in every need of the people You help them. Therefore, we the unworthy honor You like our Heavenly comforter and a vessel of the Holy Spirit, and we praise the Creator who bestows upon You Divine power. Venerable our father Saint Naum, righteous and who speaks with the Heavenly Angels, that with compassion we come to You and beseech You, do not stop before the throne of the Holy Trinity to pray for us and represent all the Orthodox Christian people, the bishops, the priests, the deacons and monks, for the authorities, the
donors and the helpers in your monasteries and churches, and for those who come to worship Your Holy Relics and your miraculous icon, for the righteous and sinners, for those who suffer and afflicted, for the old and young, the mothers, girls and boys and for those who die with faith. Venerable our father Saint Naum bless us with Your prayers and cover our weaknesses and cure our diseases. Amen.

Prayer to St. Naum of Ohrid (above the sick)

We still pray to You, our Father Naum, for the servant of God (name) who suffers from heavy afflictions.  If he/she has bound him/herself with sin or sins to his/her parents, and if he/she has received this sickness because of his/her sin, intercede for us O angel-like Saint, who is standing before the Throne of God, Merciful God forgive his/her sin and cure the illness. If, again, this illness is an admission from God, after the words: “Whom does the Lordlove – He reprimands and punishes, and as a son He receives him, “again we pray gracious and human loving God.  Venerable Our Father Naum, we implore You to hear our prayer and heal this servant of God (name) so that the ungodly will not say: Where is their God?

O, Holy and Venerable Our Father Naum, show your strength bestowed on You by the Almighty God, and how You have done countless miracles over the sick and the weak, so now, make this servant healthy in soul and body; expel him/her from the devil’s attack, strengthen his/her body and give power to his/her soul to repent and a good triumph to receive the Heavenly Kingdom.  Eliminate from him/her a premature death, so that he/she with good deeds and words may please Him and glorify the grace of God and before His judgment to receive His mercy Oh, glorious Miracle Worker Naum, I beg for this God’s servant (name) forgiveness of voluntary and involuntary transgressions, and purification through the Holy Spirit of every uncleanliness, in order that he/she may glorify the Holy Trinity the one God – Who has glorified You – the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and always and into all ages. Amen.

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