The greater the humbleness is, the greater is the grace of God


When you fall into sin for the sake of the weakness or of your bad behaviour, do not fall with your spirit and do not bother needlessly and aimlessly. Do not re-examine yourself with the words: “How could I allow this. “It is the voice of the proud confidence”. But you need to humble yourself and with a raised mind to say to the Lord: “What else could be expected from me that I am helpless and sinful.” Thank God for not falling even below – recognizing your own dirt, admit that you are guilty of the evil that you did. Blame yourself and do not blame others. None of the people and the surrounding around you are guilty for your sin. Only your bad actions are to blame. The greater your humbleness is, the greater is God’s grace when it comes.

Venerable Nicodemus of Mount Athos (Agioritis)

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